The Fibonacci System Is Great For Your Roulette Games

The Fibonacci System Is Great For Your Roulette Games

Numbers and math are becoming prevalent to all aspects of life. Without math, you cannot build some infrastructures or you cannot use your money but there is one place wherein you can use and show the numbers that are used in regular occurrence and it is in casino games. Most of mathematicians are becoming experts in gambling by simply using their natural math ability and one of the best technique to be used today is the so called Fibonacci roulette system.

The Fibonacci System Is Great For Your Roulette Games

The Fibonacci System Is Great For Your Roulette Games
The Fibonacci System Is Great For Your Roulette Games

The Fibonacci roulette system is a very interesting strategy because it is safer to use and can be considered as the best roulette strategy. It is a sequence of numbers wherein the each of the new numbers is equals to the previous two.  Here is the best particular example of the Fibonacci sequence: 1-2-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-and many more. In starting the sequence, you do not have to start with number one if you do not want to as long as you can add the previous numbers together to get the next number. That way, you can have a safe start in your system.

How does the Fibonacci system work?

If you are using the Fibonacci betting for your roulette game, you need to follow the sequence and it can be used in odd/even, red/black or 1-18/19-36. If you can guess the betting, you can now start betting again by one then continuously use the Fibonacci system to win the game. If you lose on your bet, you can still continue the sequence from 1 unit to the next unit and write down the sequence or use some tricks to win in your bet. If you get the profit and win on your first bet, you can continuously bet with this system over and over again. However, if you lose in the sequence for many times already, cross off the last two numbers in your sequence and continue with the numbers left. Your system will end when all of your numbers are crossed out and finish the game, leaving you more profit as compared when you just started.

How to use effectively the Fibonacci System?

How will you use this kind of system? Well, to help you understand it properly, here’s how this system work when you play your roulette table.

  • Bet 1 unit and lose
  • Bet 1 unit and lose
  • Bet 2 unit and lose
  • Bet 3 unit and lose
  • Bet 5 unit and win
  • Bet 2 units and lose
  • Bet 3 unit and win
  • Bet 1 unit and win

In this particular sequence, you need to finish one more unit for you to start again and repeat the process to another progression. You always need to move back the two numbers in the sequence once you win in your game. Even if you lose in the game using this Fibonacci system, it will still provide you profit.

Why is the Fibonacci system flawed?

This system will just follow the number sequence that is really dedicated in your bet. It is exactly making up random sequence such as 1, 4, 2, 6, 4, 1, 3, and 2 where you need to follow it correctly. Through the Fibonacci system, you will have a good model that will empower the magic of the roulette wheel. It will provide you educated and classy numbers that will bring you good luck.

Before you would be able to withdraw your bonus bet funds, you will have to settle the bets, which exclude any bets that were cashed out, to the value of thrice your qualifying deposit and deposit bonus before you make a withdrawal. Keep in mind when you bet on the shorter odds than 1.5 or ½, your bet will not qualify for any turnover for this process and you will have to complete the betting process in 90 days, which is not too hard, considering the volume of the top class games and sports that you can try out.

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