Information about the Odd/Even and Total Goal Strategy in Soccer Betting

Information about the Odd/Even and Total Goal Strategy in Soccer Betting

Here are the Odds and Even for Goal betting system in the soccer of sports. Here for how many times you are playing or guessing the game during this on your grade school or high school days. This is very well that the information about the odd/even and total goal strategy in soccer betting has something to do with it.

It is really doesn’t matter on which team or player are winning the sports competition. And if you wish to add some twists and excitements for this boring options and then this Odd/Even betting will be surely the most variety you would be love and enjoy. The Odd/Even betting isn’t just for a known format for this many players of Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker.

And however if you are wishing to take it serious you will have to need some other plans and these strategies in order for them to achieve with a success on it. These traditional most format on this betting types are that you will just simply start to guess whether the total scores of this particular sports and events will fall under odd or even.

Odd/Even and Total Goal Information for Soccer Betting

The Odd is classified for as the number that has remainder when you divide to it by 2s. for example there are (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15 and etc.). Even number on the other hands are numbers that are no such remainders when they are divided by 2s such as 2,4,6,8,10,12 and etc. in this basic way, you will just only to guess. And however the sportsbook today will add us such a little twist with an additional Odd/Even Betting.

There Is Still Possible To Earn Profit From The Odd/Even Betting

Truly there is, this is where the players are really good and it can earn serious amount of prizes in soccer betting. In other cases, the normal players can be easily guess on what is the outcome and would be and perhaps the lucky one or the x-factor in here. But here when removing the said luck factor after the winning from the Odd/Even betting isn’t far from the impossibilities.

In the most cases, statistically will be The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site in Malaysia is the most reliable backup in here. This is for the very reason that the only just as single goal can be change the momentum and will be put in the favor or will be against in the bet you choose.

Here is would likely to appear a color game. And you will just need to start guessing either the white or red. In this option there is a possibility of 50/50 and so you have been giving a good analyzing numeric numbers in order to win.

Information about the Odd/Even and Total Goal Strategy in Soccer Betting
Information about the Odd/Even and Total Goal Strategy in Soccer Betting

Here Is A Simple Strategy on Toal Goal and Odd/Even Soccer Betting

Mentioned in the earlier, the winning of the competition here are doesn’t matter were as long as you have guess that the total scores right in soccer betting and you will win. Let us just put it simple strategy into this action.

For the example the matches between Team A and Team B and you choose to bet for the Odd/Even at the fulltime scores. And as far as the stats is concerned, with these two teams are average that are scoring earners. So the score will be 0-0, 1-0, 0-1, 2-0, 2-1, 1-2, 3-1, 3-0. Bases from the previous stats and you have to figure this out probable of winning so in this case is 5/8 or 60% Odd.

So In order to grasp the core values of the Odd/Even soccer betting. All you need is to have at least ideas of the analyzing the previous results at Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets and the some factors of alike injuries, climate, and motivation of the team to win a match.

Online Betting Website and Their Best Promo to Enjoy By Player

Online Betting Website and Their Best Promo to Enjoy By Player

Online betting agencies provided necessary rewards for the players who give great loyalty and passion for reaching great enjoyment and entertainment in betting games. For the company’s part, it is their utmost responsibility to ensure the online betting website and their best promo to enjoy by the player, the business is well profited and all its members are satisfied.

The special departments of online betting websites The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia are not far behind in terms of giving promos and rewards to the players. These promos are primarily created for the loyal customers that had been with us and for the newcomers in the company.

Online Betting Website and Their Best Promo to Enjoy By Player


There are many types of promo online betting sites offer to its members. These promos come in many forms. Some of the promos offered by well-known websites such as are listed below:

Has become great by introducing innovative games that cater the Asian players. It is one of the pioneer online betting websites across the Asian region.

Cashback 100%. The online betting website has a customized cashback version for the newbies. This promo will run for the whole month of November. The new players should deposit their funds to the partnered bank institutions. This particular promo applies to all games except to IDNPlay, G-Poker, ISIN4D, and TXTBET. It will take full effect if the player lost on first deposit. No expected commissions on this promo.

Online Betting Website and Their Best Promo to Enjoy By Player
Online Betting Website and Their Best Promo to Enjoy By Player

Free Bets for New Members. This promo is exclusive to the players who have Vietnamese Dong and Thailand Baht currencies. To get the initial free bet, they should register to online betting Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets located in the upper right menu. After the account activation, the player will receive the promo verification code through SMS mobile phones.

They will use that code for some verifiable process before starting the game. The maximum bet should be ranging 30Vietnamese Dong and 35 Thailand Baht. The player will not receive any bonus prizes if there is a mistake in entering the digit code and even member data information.

Sportsbook Weekly Cash Rebate 1 percent.  offers the 1 percent commission for the players who are engaged to sports betting. It will be based on the total bet amount in a weekly basis. The minimum commission payout is ranging to 1 Indonesian Dong, 0.5 Malaysian Ringgit, 1 Vietnamese Dong, and 1 Thailand Baht.

This website has a good set of promos in the condition to engage into the hard fought casino and sports betting games. Here are the following promos:

Extra Bonus 200% Slot Games. The website has a great reward to the players who played grit and grind slot machine games. The player will receive 200 percent of the initial bet value if they will snatch three wins out of five tries. It is available in all types of currencies.

No commissions will apply on this promo

Live Casino Unlimited Cash Rebate 0.8%. This is exclusive to the live casino gamers who got the high reward points. They will get the 0.8% of total initial bet in every time the player joins any live casino games associated to the leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. It is available in all types of currencies.

Spade Gaming Unlimited Cash Rebate 1%. Game provider Spade Gaming has a specific unlimited cash rebate promo rebate of 1% for the player who has a valid bet ranging $20 (can be converted into other foreign currencies equivalent). Specifically, Spade Gaming gives those rebates during Mondays only.

Sports Book Unlimited Cash Rebate 1%. The game provider 368 Bet, Saba Sports and Opus Gaming had an offering of unlimited cash rebate promo for the valid bet of $40 (can be converted into other foreign currencies equivalent). Those rebates will take effect during Monday only.

Terms and Conditions

The players should follow the specifics of terms and conditions to avoid unnecessary approach in getting the rewards and promo. Any violations will be subject for deep deliberation among QQ288 sites.

Betting on volleyball

Volleyball is a game which is a fairly popular sport and thus not popular in the casino industry. The reason as to why the game sport is not popular in most of casinos is that because the game sport has a small fan base unless there is a major tournament is when it can have a lot of fans. Also there are no big matches available in The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia to include in the gambling and also very few bettors will have consistently continue betting on this kind of game sport when other games sports are available.

Betting on volleyball


It is clear that there are gamblers who are willing to bet on volleyball games but because they have not informed on the sites that do offer these games they can’t bet. However the setbacks associated with the small number of fans supporting such a game, there are a few gambling sites that are really trying to make sure that volleyball games are also included in betting industry. Gamblers who are willing to bet on volleyball as their favorite game can click on the link online casino site to get started.

Betting on volleyball
Betting on volleyball

Betting on volleyball in Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets will provide gamblers with a number of bets of which the gamblers can pick and place his or her wagered. Some of the gambling bets are as follows;

  1. Matching betting in volleyball; this is one of the bets a gambler can encountered when betting on volleyball games. It is one the simplest bets under betting in volleybal in Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. Gamblers are supposed to bet on the result of the game. The odds for this bet can be expressed either in decimals or fraction. Payment made when some decide to bet using this bet is always favor the gamblers who will place their bets on the underdogs teams. Most of the gamblers place their wagers on teams that look likely to lose because if at all the team win the game they will have to receive a lot of money as compared to those who will be betting for the teams that are likely to win. But before you bet you should be careful in selecting the teams to place your bet.
  2. Spreading of points; this is a kind of volleyball bets in which the winning volleyball team must have to beat the spread before the payment is made. This is the gambling bet of volleyball games that is most favored by many of the gamblers in volleyball betting, this is because even if the teams that they have place their bets do failed to beat the opponents they can’t lose the bet as long as the winning team in that matter failed to cover the spread. Betting sites offering this game have introduced this kind of betting and thus gamblers can easily beat the dealer if he/she uses this bet type.
  3. Total points; this is another type of volleyball bets. In this bet the gamblers are required to make prediction on the total points that should be scored between the two opponent teams. Gamblers are not therefore required to bet on the teams that will win the game but rather on the number of goals expected to score in a match. The words used to describe this kind of bet are under or over. A casino provides the gamblers with a certain figure in which the gambler can predict if the score will be either over or under that value.
  4. Set handicap; this is based on the results of a specific outcome of the game. The handicap odds are usually expressed in decimals or fraction. The services offered by this kind of bet are quite similar to that of match betting.
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