Spartan Slot Game with Nice Graphics and Available Paylines

Spartan Slot Game with Nice Graphics and Available Paylines

There are various types of themes that are often used in the slot game. One of them is a slot game inspired by the movie named Gladiator. In the film there is a term “Spartan” which is often shouted in the film. The “Spartan” word became popular and made many media inspired including Spadegaming who makes this Spartan Slot game with nice graphics and available paylines.

Inspired by the movie Gladiator, then Spadegaming makes a slot game named Spartan online slot game that you can try at Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android. The game is described as having a similar situation in the movie. Made with three-dimensional graphics to show the warriors and also symbols that are associated with warfare.

At the beginning of the game, you will see a screen with a background of warriors carrying iron plates used as a shield to survive and also to protect the head. The Warriors seemed ready to fight to protect the kingdom that they stand. In front of those warriors, you will see one of the warriors who was also carrying a spear and shield plate. In front of him, there is a logo written on Spartan slot game online slot game.

Spartan Slot Game with Nice Graphics and Available Paylines


Once you enter the main screen then you will be presented with a screen that contains a 5×3 sized slot machine game. Each line in the machine as if it were made of iron. Background of the machine is described as a pile of rocks colored dark gray. Because the graphic display is very sharp and impressive, the design of slot machine game that looks in this game feels very real.

Spartan Slot Game with Nice Graphics and Available Paylines
Spartan Slot Game with Nice Graphics and Available Paylines

Nice Graphics and Available Paylines

As mentioned previously, in this slot game which you can play on your mobile using Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins you will be able to see so many symbols associated with war. Above the slot machines, you will see the logo of the game and the key to the paytable in the game. At the top of the logo, you will find three jackpot game, you can get that jackpot if you meet the requirements given by this slot game.

On the left of the slot machine, you will see a pictorial object of crossed swords and also war gamble inscription. If you click on the object, you will be given the opportunity to increase the number of wins you get in the main game. Bottom of slot machines, as usual, you will find some keys that are used to control the game.

One of the most attractive features of this slot game is the number of payline. Spartan online slot game has 50 payline that you can have to get the prize. Besides a very large payline, you can also use the special card, wild and scatter. Indeed, the wild card is a card that is often common in the slot game.

The difference is in the Spartan slot game is you can not only replace other cards with a wild card but also when you have successfully created a payline using wild cards, then a number of your winnings will be multiplied three times. In the Spartan online game, you also can be used to replace the card or the scatter symbol. This feature not shared by all of the slot games online.

Spartan Slot Game Jackpot Feature

Another feature that is very popular of this slot game from Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website is the jackpot feature. There are three types of jackpot features that is likely to get. About how to get the jackpot bonus, you’ll never know how because the jackpot bonus will be given randomly. The only way you can do for a chance to get a bonus jackpot bet is to do a minimum bet consist of 0.2 for the metal jackpot, 0.3 for diamond jackpot and also 0.5 for crystal jackpot.

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