Online Blackjack Perfect Pairs Payouts, Odds and House Edge

Online Blackjack Perfect Pairs Payouts, Odds and House Edge

Known to be the most common variants of side betting, perfect pairs is popular across London, Macau and Australia and is also offered by Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site that allow you to play Online blackjack. Apart from online blackjack perfect pairs payouts, odds and house edge, the side bet is played on various other card games like Baccarat.

It is a very simple and easily understood wager which can also be very entertaining if you want to spice up your blackjack hand.

Online Blackjack Perfect Pairs Payouts, Odds and House Edge


The is a wager that is placed if you want to bet on the fact that you will have a pair on the first two cards, there are three kinds of combinations where it can be considered, the first being a perfect pair, the second being a mixed pair and the third is a colored pair.

There are pretty low odds to actually achieve a pair when the cards are dealt, however that is where the whole risk comes in which offers high rewards. If you play any of the online blackjack standard games which are present online, you will get the option to go ahead and place the perfect pair wager even if it is a free game.

Before going ahead and playing the game, the player places the bet on the table before looking at the cards. In Live casino gambling games and best free bets website, there is a variation about the minimum and maximum bets that can be placed. Based on the kind of blackjack game you choose, the bets and rules will differ. However, the basic game of getting 21 still stays the same.

Online Blackjack Perfect Pairs Payouts, Odds and House Edge
Online Blackjack Perfect Pairs Payouts, Odds and House Edge

Understanding the Three Combinations of Pairs

Before we go on to the betting front, let use first understand the Online blackjack combination of pairs that will be eligible for the payouts. There are three possibilities where in this can show up.

1) Red/Black or a mixed pair – In this sequence, you will get a pair of the same face value but from two different colors. Which means that even the suit will differ, for example the two of spades and two of diamonds?

2) Pair of the same color- Under this combination, you will have the same color but the suit will differ, this can be like the ten of hearts and the ten of diamonds.

3) The perfect pair- In this the two cards will not just have the same face value but will also have the same suit and color, for example this could be two ace of clubs. The catch about this particular combination that it is only possible with two or more decks of cards.

The Various Payouts, House Edge Chart and Probability

When it comes to the outcomes, there are a few standard one’s that you will find while playing free bet online blackjack in The Most Trusted Live Casino Website In Malaysia, along with that you also have the probability and combinations of every outcome, the odds you actually have of winning and the house edge that is a result of it. The only way you can win the bet is if you get a pair under any of the three combinations that are mentioned above.

If you do not get any of the combinations, then you lose out on the wager also. However, if you do manage to get a pair under any of the combinations, then you can be sure that you have won a real good payout depending on how much you have bet.

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